Best Barbecue Beers


The barbecue is cooking an array of fabulous meats and flavoured vegetable dishes, the garden looks great, the weather is playing ball and you are surrounded by some of your favourite people. So far the barbecue, whether it is an informal get together or a special event looks set to be a raging success, until one of guests head for the ice bucket and give you “that” look.

After spending time perfecting your famous marinade, lovingly preparing vegetables, buttering rolls and making sure the barbecue is fit and ready to go, why would offer your close ones watery French beer or whatever is on offer in the local supermarket. Food and drink go hand in hand and to really pull off a memorable barbecue you need to think carefully about what beers you offer.

Barbecue Beers from Black Sheep

Black Sheep Brewery which is based in Masham, North Yorkshire and is the beloved brewing company of Paul Theakston incorporates traditional methods in a renovated brewery alongside generations of beer brewing expertise.

For nearly twenty years the Black Sheep Brewery has been producing a number of great tasting and unforgettable beverages to suit all occasions. Better yet, while these Northern ales are locally made, they are available all over the UK.

Amongst the most popular and barbecue ready beers from Black Sheep you will find the unforgettable Black Sheep Ale.

Black Sheep Ale, first bottled in 1993 is a premium full-flavoured bitter with a unique orange-fruit, hops and roast coffee aroma. Don’t be fooled by its rural origins, this is one the best-selling bottle beers nationally and is stocked by hundreds of well-known UK retailers.

A lovely barbecue beer bottled

Another bottled Black Sheep favourite, perfect for the barbecue ice bucket, is the Monty Python Holy Grail. First commissioned back in the late nineties to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Monthy Python, this has remain a popular beer ever since.

Described as “dangerously fruity” with an almost biscuit-like malty background, the Holy Grail is the bestselling Black Sheep bottled beer in the US and Canada and won the 2006 “Favourite Import Ale” award at the Canada Cup of Beer event.

Last but not least on my best barbecue beer list is Riggwelter. The aroma is one of banana-fruit, roasted malt and hops and is a strong yet easy to drink smooth beer. Perfect with a meaty meal, Riggwelter would not be out of place at any back yard or even a gourmet barbecue event.

To avoid that disappointed look from your guest, don’t settle for cheap and cheerful when filling your ice bucket with bottled beer, choose a variety of award winning ales from the world renowned Black Sheep Brewery and enjoy the compliments on a choice well made.

Black Sheep is Yorkshire based however their ales can be found in all major retail outlets across UK, and more information on the history of the brewery and their other brews can be found on the website.